Combining Mac and Peecee FileMaker Runtimes

I recently generated a cross-platform runtime for a client who runs both Windows and OS X. Here’s some notes on the process:
  1. Generate runtime on OS X
  2. Generate runtime on Windows with same bindkey
  3. Combine two resulting directories:
    • .USR will be duplicated (one is redundant)
    • .exe had sticky bit set resulting in ‘One or more items have special permissions and cannot be copied.’ (permissions -rwxr-Sr--, chmod g-s xxx.exe fixed it)
    • Note Windows Extensions folder has more items than Mac (so combine folder rather than replace)
I created a high level folder to hide the myriad of Windows files. So at the top level I now have:
  • Solution OS X (created under OS X, alias to Solution.app)
  • Solution Windows.lnk (created under Windows, link to Solution.exe)
  • Documentation folder
  • System Files folder
    • Extensions folder
    • Solution.app
    • Solution.exe
    • Solution.USR
    • (40 DLLs)
The client clicks on the appropriate solution name depending what platform they’re on.

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