Alice’s Adventures in iPodland

A couple of years ago I wrote a SAS program to convert a Gutenberg text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to an iPod eBook (iStory).

The SAS program takes the Gutenberg text file, combines hard lines into paragraphs, extracts the chapter numbers and names, and splits the whole lot into pages by chapter. It then generates a preface, table of contents, and puts Prev/Contents/Next on all the pages.

I was wondering what to do with it tonight and found a site which specialises in converting these texts to various formats: manybooks.net. Their Alice text is a lot cruder than mine—it's just a set of pages with Next/Prev—but it gets the job done and there’s a whole library there.

So here’s mine for posterity. The concept’s been superseded but it was a good learning exercise in how iPod Notes work. You can read how to install it and more about Notes at MAKE.

Download the nicely formatted version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.zip

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