Counterfeit Monster Cables on Trade Me

Monster produces high-end audio cable. In the HDMI range even their basic cables run to hundreds of dollars, so I was taken aback to see the top of the range Monster M2000 for sale on Trade Me at $50.

A bit of digging turned up Monster Cable’s Counterfeit Site.

Here's one of the cables for sale by PGX on Trade Me (who seems to be making a business of this):

And here's a sample of the fake goods from Monster:

Looks identical (except the recycling logo). A look at Monster’s black list of sites caught selling counterfeit cable reveals Trade Me in the listing.

I reported this to Trade Me who replied that ‘appropriate action’ has been taken, though the listing remains along with 15 others.

Update: after more prodding Trade Me has removed all 15 listings from heng12, pgx, and smithjim.

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