FileMaker Pro 10 and ‘tell application id’

An FYI on AppleScript and FileMaker 10:

In FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced the application id was ‘com.filemaker.pro.advanced’. In FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced it’s now ‘com.filemaker.client.advanced’.

If you remove FM9A from your system, opening scripts which contain the old address ‘tell application id "com.filemaker.pro.advanced"’ will fail with ‘Unable to read the file because the script is not editable (it was saved as run-only).’—which is misleading as it’s obviously the old dictionary they can’t find.

If you install both 9 and 10 you can open the scripts and change them from ‘com.filemaker.pro.advanced’ to ‘com.filemaker.client.advanced’ (I keep old versions of FileMaker on disc images for situations like this—they can’t be launched unintentionally but they’re available when needed).

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