Unhelpful Error Messages

Trying to access BD-Live on my Blu-ray player. This is an unhelpful error message from The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) that had me wondering where the error was:

This feature is only available on BD-Live enabled players.  Please ensure that your player is connected to the Internet before re-starting the disc.  Your player must be profile 2.0 or greater.  Check with your manufacturer for firmware updates to enable this feature.  Watch the registration and BD-Live user guides on this disc for more information on how to connect to the BD-Live community.

Trying with Men in Black (1997) was much more informative and though not 100% correct put me on the right track—I needed to insert a memory stick:

Your player does not have enough storage space for the download.  Please delete some files and try again.

And after all that BD-Live was a big disappointment: the sparse amount of content which was actually avaiable could just have easily been included on the disc rather than waiting on a download—especially as the downloaded content is locked away until you re-insert the disc.

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